Your Dependable Mobile Ultrasound and X-ray Service


At On-Site Imaging, we offer mobile ultrasound service and mobile x-ray service in Cleveland, Ohio, from abdominal ultrasound to vascular ultrasound, mobile ultrasound services, affordable mobile ultrasound, vascular ultrasound. On Site Imaging was created with the sole purpose of building a mobile ultrasound and x-ray imaging service company unlike any other. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital equipment, On Site Imaging performs all types of diagnostic ultrasound and x-ray procedures in your establishment, making it more convenient for you and your patients to get their diagnostic examinations.

Saving Lives

Diagnostic ultrasound saves lives and should be readily available to all, including those that are bound to bed and are unable to travel to diagnostic centers and hospitals—this is exactly why we began this mobile service.  We can perform all of our diagnostic examinations at the comfort of your patients' homes, if required. Mobility makes the 'gift of ultrasound' available to everyone. Contact us for more details about our company - serving nursing homes, assisted living facilities, doctor's offices, and even private residences. !

Fast Service

Our certified technicians provide a dependable ultrasound service you can count on. Unlike other mobile ultrasound services, we are fast, because we can deliver your results within 24 to 48 hours. Let us take care of your ultrasound imaging needs.